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Canon T3- Review

          Before you go out and buy the Canon T3, there are a few things that you should know about the camera.  It took me some time and experience with the camera to unearth this information.  I am hoping to put everything you need to know about the camera in one place so you can make the best possible decision about which camera to buy.

My Video Files Won't Copy to My Drive

           So tonight I got finished with a gig, uploaded all of the video that I shot for my client onto my computer and reached for the flash drive that they had provided for me to mail them the footage.  Everything went great up until I went to copy the files from my computer to the flash drive.

List of Equipment

List of Equipment
Stephen A. DeMaria
Gaffer/ Camera Operator
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Light Equipment
Arri 650                                           2x
Arri 300                                           1x
Fotodiox 42" Reflector Pro             1x

C-stands                    3x
Sandbags                   6x

Canon Rebel T2i
Steadicam Pilot

Sigma 70-300mm f4
Canon 18-55mm IS II f3.5
Canon 50mm f1.8

Rode NTG2 Condenser Shotgun Microphone
Zoom H4n
Shortie XLR Cable

Sekonic L-358 Light Meter          1x

Cliffwood- Movie Trailer

          Cliffwood is a short film I worked on last month.   This was the first project I have worked on where I concentrated specifically on lighting.  We shot over the course of six days in Old Bridge, New Jersey and, of course, the nearby Cliffwood Beach location.  The film stars Lucas Wells, Megan Schmitt, Steven Roberson Butler, and Meredith Szalay.  It was directed by a good friend of mine, Gemuele Aludino, who has put together a film which showcases a young man's journey through cocaine addiction.  Cliffwood is a truly inspiring story which was a pleasure to work on both as assistant director and lighting technician.

SpoilerAlerts.org- 1 Year Anniversary

          This year I am making several changes to the layout and content of SpoilerAlerts.org.  We will continue to post movie reviews and tutorials about film/video, however, for the next year we will concentrate specifically on lighting design and video signal processing.  My best responses on this website have come from an article/video that I posted on the Panasonic HPX-170.  Because of this, I will be adding a series of new articles and videos to the site.

Movies Coming Out This Weekend- 10.28.2011

          In my effort to stay on top of new movie releases, I have added a series of short articles with links to trailers for movies coming out this weekend.  I will definitely be first in line for Johnny Depp's new movie, The Rum Diary, check out the trailer, it looks hilarious. 

Canon 5D- Anti-Alias Filter

          This was a pretty interesting video a friend of mine showed me.  It is about a deinterlace filter for the Canon 5D.  No more annoying line skipping.

Netflix- Price Change or Pattern...

          On September 19th all Netflix users received an e-mail from the Co-Founder and CEO of Netflix explaining that they would be charging separately for DVD shipping and streaming.  This angered many Netflix users.  Another thing that was really annoying was that Netflix would no longer ship out the DVD's, another company called Quickster would.  This would mean a new password and login id.  For Facebook-Twitter-Hotmail-Netflix-Vimeo users like myself, that's all I need is another login and password!

The Pixar Story (2007)- Movie Review

          The Pixar Story is an inspiring documentary about some of the innovative and scientific minds behind the birth of computerized 3d animation.   In just under ninety minutes, the viewer is taken on a journey that is equal in depth and character to any of the Pixar movies.  This film features interviews from John Lasseter, Steve Jobs, Tim Allen, Tom Hanks, and George Lucas just to name a few.

The Terminal (2004)- Movie Review

          The Terminal is a story about a man without a country.  While Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks) is flying at thirty thousand feet, the government of his home nation, Krakozhia, is taken over by rebel forces.  By the time he lands at JFK Airport, he can neither go home nor enter into the United States.

The Man Who Cried (2000)- Movie Review

          When a Russian-Jewish girl named Suzie (Christina Ricci) is separated from her father, she is taken to England to be raised.  After moving to France to find work, Suzie falls in love with a Gypsy named Caesar (Johnny Depp) in the middle of the 1940's Paris Opera scene.  But when an advancing German army threatens both of their lives, they each must decide between love and protecting their families.

The Human Experience- Movie Review

          Our government spends so much money wining and dining government officials, building presidential libraries, and a myriad of programs which do not address a central human need.  The Human Experience is a documentary which really gets at what this central human need really is.  It comes as a breath of fresh air in an era of economic recession and is a socially-conscious experience which shows the viewer the real needs of the world.

Exit Through The Gift Shop- Movie Review

          If you don't have something nice to say, don't say it at all.  This is why I only review movies that I actually like.  I think the documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop is remarkably creative and original.  It portrays the little-seen counter-cultural movement of Street Art from the perspective of Thierry Guetta, a filmmaker who obsessively followed Street Artists around the world.  This hybrid form of graffiti, which has made its way from street corners and billboards to galleries, even inspired Guetta to create his own original work under the name, "MBW," (Mr. Brainwash).

          I just find it funny, even ironic, that the people who could not get into Mr. Brainwash's gallery on opening night tried breaking through the gates.  If only the arresting officers knew how many laws Mr Brainwash broke in his own pursuit of artistic expression, they might be a little more sympathetic towards these people.  I guess contradiction is the price of true artistic freedom.

          Great film for the Art Nerd, Hippie, and rebel inside us all.  Nine out of ten stars for the rebel in me.

★★★★★★★★ (9/10)